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Managing your lymphatic health

with nutrition and massage support

At Lymph Movement Studio we're here to help you manage your lymphatic health

We’re passionate about helping people with lymphatic issues! Why? Well, we can relate to your journey…

“I can honestly say that my life has become more positive and I have found some happiness from within. Every day I try to find the small successes so that the big goals don't seem so overwhelming anymore. Thanks Kylie!”


Supporting you to manage your lymphatic health and live a joyful life


Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage aims to stimulate fluid movement in your lymphatic system which in turn can help shift toxins.

Lymphoedema Management

If you’ve had a lymphoedema diagnosis following cancer treatment, or have noticed fluid retention that wasn’t there before an operation.

Lipoedema Management

Lipoedema is a hereditary fat disorder which causes excess adipose (fat) accumulation typically from the hips to the ankles.

Lymphoedema Prevention Program

A proactive approach to supporting your health & wellbeing can reduce your risk of developing lymphoedema.

Compression Therapy

Provides external pressure to the arms or legs to promote the circulation of blood & lymphatic fluid from the extremities.

Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare

If you are planning, or recently had cosmetic surgery – and wish to manage the fluid retention that can develop after surgery.


Ready to support your lymphatic health with nutritional support? Find out how my 12 week “love Ya Lymph’ program can support you!

Free Guide

Find out which fluid forming foods to avoid (especially if you have fluid retention or lymphatic issues!) with my free guide.



My Beef with BMI

My Beef with BMI

Whilst its simplicity to calculate makes it an efficient and quick tool to use in clinical practice, this information is telling only a fraction of your overall health story.
Healthy Detoxing

Daily Routines to Support Healthy Detoxing

Optimal elimination of metabolic wastes and accumulated toxins is an important factor in maintaining overall health & wellbeing.
Manual Lymph Drainage for Post-viral Fatigue

Manual Lymph Drainage for Post-viral Fatigue

With the number of people contracting the COVID-19 virus increasing, I’m seeing more clients in clinic following their infection present with fatigue, brain fog and muscular pain. I’m being asked more frequently if Manual…