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Body Composition Analysis with SOZO

Have you ever wondered whether that new diet or fitness regime is actually working? Or perhaps you’re about to make some changes and want to know where you’re starting from?

Understanding the precise makeup of your body – and how it changes over time – provides powerful information to you, and those you engage in your health care, enabling you to maximise your health & wellbeing goals.

SOZO is a digital health platform that provides a comprehensive body composition analysis, including fluid status, skeletal muscle mass, fat mass & metabolic activity to help you make informed decisions about your diet, lifestyle and movement.

Using SOZO, you’ll be able to know your body composition, set healthy targets and track your success.

Body Composition Analysis with SOZO

So how does it work?

You’ll simply stand on the device with bare feet and hands. A low-level current will pass through your body. You won’t feel anything. 30 seconds later the scan is complete and the results are available. Based on these results recommendations are made around treatment and/or training to achieve your health & fitness goals.

L-Dex for Lymphoedema Prevention

Additionally, if you are at risk of developing lymphoedema or have lymphoedema, an additional measure called an “L-Dex Score” can be taken. This allows us to accurately track fluid status in your affected limb and monitor it overtime. If your L-Dex score increases above the normal levels, we can make adjustments to your diet, self-care and movement strategies to bring it under control.

SOZO uses bioimpedance spectroscopy technology to provide a highly accurate measure of your fluid status – to within 2 tablespoons of fluid! Follow-up scans every 3-6 months will allow you to know if things are changing even if there are no visible changes.

If you’re interested in booking a SOZO Body Composition Scan at my Hahndorf or Parkside clinics, or at other locations from time to time, you can do so here.

Body Composition Analysis with SOZO