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Lipoedema Management

Lipoedema is a hereditary fat disorder which causes excess adipose (fat) accumulation typically from the hips to the ankles.

It is more prevalent in women with around 11% of women in Australia experiencing the condition.

As it progresses it can cause pain, affecting quality of life, movement and mental health.

Symptoms of Lipoedema

  • The legs are enlarged bilaterally – arms too can be affected
  • The waist is small in proportion to thighs, buttocks and legs
  • Feet and hands are exempt and a ‘bracelet’ effect can, in most cases, appear just above the ankles and wrists
  • Legs/arms can be extremely painful, even to touch
  • Affected limbs bruise easily
  • The fat is soft to touch and wobbly, while skin can be cold to touch
  • Lipoedema can become worse in hot weather
  • Diet and exercise, while important, can have minimal effect
  • Increase in Lipoedema is often noticed when significant hormonal changes happen
  • Skin can have a cellulite or ‘mattress’ like appearance
  • Skin on the legs and buttocks can be cold to touch.

Source: Lipodema Australia

Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) can assist with the pain associated with Lipoedema.

This gentle bodywork technique can have a pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect on the body in addition to improving lymphatic drainage.

If you’d like to experience MLD, book an Initial 60min Manual Lymph Drainage appointment.

Compression Garments

Compression garments can assist with minimising Lipoedema or at least slow its progression. I recommend Eto Grace compression tights for Lipoedema, a fantastic product with special stretch more appropriate for Lipoedema.

These provide graduated compression and are available in 3 different lengths. If you’re interested in compression leggings, please book a Lipoedema Garment Measurement appointment as these are custom made for each individual.

Note: At this stage compression garments for Lipoedema are not covered on the Garment Subsidy Scheme here in South Australia, and therefore garment costs are fully at your expense.

Compression Garments


Minimising hormone fluctuations and a balanced diet can assist with Lipoedema management.

As a Clinical Nutritionist, Kylie can assist you with dietary and lifestyle advice to support your overall health & wellbeing.

During an Initial Nutrition Assessment we’ll review your health history, discuss your current diet and develop a plan for moving forward.