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Are you currently living with lymphoedema? Perhaps you’ve had recent cancer treatment and are concerned about developing lymphoedema. Or have you noticed fluid retention that wasn’t there before? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m passionate about supporting women with lymphoedema, particularly resulting from cancer treatment. Following my own cancer diagnosis in 2002, I made diet and lifestyle changes that have kept me cancer-free for almost 20 years, while also managing my lymphoedema risk. I’m here to share my knowledge and experience to help you to live your best life with lymphoedema.

As a Remedial Massage Therapist focused on lymphatic system issues, I can support you with lymphatic drainage massage / manual lymph drainage (MLD). Proactively managing your lymphoedema starts with a Lymphatic Health Assessment. In this 75 min session we will review your health history and establish how lymphoedema is affecting your daily life. We will discuss how you can manage your lymphoedema long-term and I will provide an MLD treatment.

You’ll also receive a SOZO* BioImpedance Spectroscopy assessment. This natty little device measures fluid status and body composition so we have your baseline measurements. We will also establish your L-Dex score. This measurement is used to track fluid within an affected limb or limbs. We can track this over time to look for earlier changes and hopefully reduce progression of your lymphoedema to a more advanced stage. 

Book your Lymphatic Health Assessment now!

What you eat can also play a role in managing your lymphoedema. As a Clinical Nutritionist, I can assist with diet & lifestyle changes to minimise the impact that diet could be playing in excess fluid retention.

If nutrition changes are your focus, book an Initial Nutrition Assessment, and we will review your health history & perform a SOZO BioImpedance Spectroscopy assessment. Following this session, I will forward your initial treatment plan along with a prescription for any recommended supplementation that may be appropriate.

Are you ready to get on top of your lymphoedema?

Book your Lymphatic Health Assessment or Initial Nutrition Assessment NOW and let’s get started!

Lymphatic Health Assessment  – $155
Initial Nutrition Assessment – $225

Please only book the sessions below if you have had your Lymphatic Health Assessment or Initial Nutrition Assessment:

30min Nutrition Followup – $125
20min SOZO* Followup assessment – $70
45min Manual Lymph Drainage Session – $115
60min Manual Lymph Drainage Session – $130
* SOZO assessments are available at face-to-face consultations only