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Does this sound familiar?

You’ve beaten cancer and now you’ve discovered that the treatment you received has increased your risk of developing a new condition… lymphoedema.

The jubilation of finishing your cancer treatment and getting on with your life, is now overshadowed by the realisation you may develop a chronic fluid condition.

There is hope…

A proactive approach to supporting your health & wellbeing can reduce your risk of developing lymphoedema. Should you develop lymphoedema, having the right knowledge & tools will support your lymphoedema management and reduce its progression.

The Lymphoedema Prevention Program aims to provide you with diet, movement & lifestyle advice over the course of 12 months, whilst also monitoring you on a regular basis using SOZO BioImpedance Spectroscopy scans.

The Lymphoedema Prevention Program includes:

Nutrition Health Assessment

Ahead of this appointment you’ll be sent an Initial Nutrition Intake Form to complete.
This provides me with information about your past & current health picture, and by completing it in the comfort of your own home, you’ll usually remember information that may not come out it our initial face-to-face consultation!

We’ll also discuss your health goals so that your Health & Wellbeing Plan reflects what YOU want to achieve.

Health & Wellbeing Plan

Following this consultation, I will prepare your personalised Health & Wellbeing Plan.

This will outline your goals, and be your guide on diet & lifestyle strategies to minimise fluid issues & lymphoedema progression in your body.

Quarterly Follow-up Reviews

These review appointments are an opportunity to check-in and see how you’re doing.

It’s also an opportunity to make any diet & lifestyle changes based on any challenges you’re experiencing.

SOZO scans

Quarterly scans using Impedimed’s SOZO technology, a BioImpedance Spectroscopy device, is the gold standard for earlier lymphoedema detection.

Standing on the SOZO platform, a 30 second scan will reveal your body composition – fluid analysis, skeletal muscle mass and fat mass.

Additionally, L-Dex is a reading that will score your lymphoedema risk in your affected limb or limbs. This allows us to monitor for any changes and make appropriate adjustments to your diet & lifestyle plan.

We can then review this every quarter when we meet for your follow-up reviews.

Your investment: $499.00

Are you ready?

Book your Initial Nutrition Assessment to get the ball rolling!