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Is nutrition the missing piece of your puzzle?

Have you had enough of ongoing fluid retention? Perhaps you’ve developed lymphoedema, but your self-care so far just isn’t managing your condition. 

Addressing unidentified dietary triggers may be the answer!

Some foods, including “healthy” foods, can be a trigger for inflammation in the body. This in turn can lead to excess fluid formation, making managing this excess fluid a challenge.

Identifying those foods, and reducing or eliminating your intake of them can minimise this inflammation and help manage this oedema.

Making dietary & lifestyle changes to support your lymphatic health can be challenging. I’ve developed a range of nutrition programs designed to support you at any stage you are at.

Why programs and not individual appointments? Making change takes TIME. What I’ve learnt over the years is that ad-hoc nutrition consultations often don’t yield the results you’re after. I’ve also noticed that programs that are generic and aren’t tailored to a person’s needs provide some success, but don’t address any wider health issues that might also be contributing to ill-health.

These programs are available via my new website –  Love Ya Lymphwith 14 day, 12 weeks and 6 month options, there is a program to suit whatever stage you are at.

I developed Love Ya Lymph so that I can help people further afield than my beautiful little part of the world, offering these programs online so wherever you are in the world, I am available to assist you!

For more information, head to Love Ya Lymph!

There are 3 Love Ya Lymph programs:

  • 14 day Lymph Reset (identify trigger foods in this cleanse)
  • 12 week Lymph Transformation (group program with weekly support)
  • 6 month Lymph Mastery (1:1 personalised program)

For more info:

Check out the Love Ya Lymph website!