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Infrared Sauna

We’ve introduced a Found-Space infrared sauna to the Lymph Movement Studio service offering to enhance your health & wellbeing.

Our sauna room provides a private space for you to relax and enjoy the benefits of our full-spectrum infrared sauna. You can book a sauna session for:

  • Pain Relief
  • Sleep
  • Relaxation
  • Weight management
  • Healthy complexion
  • Detox
  • Sports Performance & Recovery

We recommend this targeted approach to your sauna session as different infrared wavelengths, temperatures and timeframes can affect the body differently, and be used to target different processes in your body.

Sauna Room Bookings


Enhancing your sauna session with colour therapy

Your sauna session can be further enhanced through our in-sauna colour therapy..

Colour Therapy benefits your neurohormonal pathways by using light frequencies that produce different colours of the visible spectrum, improving your health & wellbeing. We have paired colour therapy with our sessions to provide a holistic sauna experience.

Sauna Etiquette

  • Sauna is best done naked! If you prefer though, you can wear underwear or bathers.
  • We recommend leaving your devices outside the sauna and taking the time to switch off and relax.
  • Please sit on the towels provided.
  • Please note your sauna session is booked for an additional 15 minutes to give our team time to prepare the sauna for the next session. We request once you have finished your sauna session that you vacate the sauna room in a timely manner.

Your sauna session is available in our private sauna room. We provide:
2 x Bath Towels
1 x Hand Towel
Hot water if you wish to enjoy a cup of tea.
If you require additional towels, please bring them with you. Please note, we do not have a shower on-site.

20min session (Weight Management) – $39
35 min session (Detox & Healthy Complexion) – $49
40 – 45 min session (Pain, Relax, Sleep, Sports Performance / Recovery) – $59

Bring a friend – additional $20

Sauna Room Bookings