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Over the years, many clients have come through the door with scars related to surgery or injury and I often felt that I might have achieved better results had I been able to release the tension I observed in a scar in the area.

So, I’ve recently undertaken some new training in scar release which I feel really complements the work I do supporting people with cancer and lymphatic issues, particularly where surgery might be involved.

Scars from surgery or injury can cause pain, discomfort or restriction and affect our daily life. Additionally, where the event that caused the scar is traumatic, emotional and psychological issues can be associated with the scar and affect how we feel about that particular part of our body.

The power of scar release work

Scars occur as part of the natural healing process; however excessive collagen production can affect how the scar looks and feels. Circulation can also be restricted due to the tightly bound collagen fibres and this can affect blood and lymphatic flow impairing oxygen, nutrient and waste removal from the surrounding tissues.

Scar release aims to loosen these collagen fibres, opening them up to allow blood flow and lymphatic flow to be restored. Any age scar can be treated, including fibrotic tissue under the skin surface where there is not a visible scar on the skin.

A scar release session includes a chat about the history of the scar, how it came about and how it affects you. If you are open to it, I will take images of the scar pre and post-treatment so we can track progress.
Treatment is performed on scar tissue, and then I will give you some feedback on how the scar is looking. Through the treatment I will communicate with you on what I am noticing and to gain feedback from you on what you are noticing and to check on your level of comfort. If a change to the scar is achievable, we will know in 3 sessions.

So, what type of scars have I been treating? Recently I have treated a man with a melanoma removal surgical scar and was able to decreased sensitivity in the area in the first session. A woman I’ve been treating with Lymphatic Drainage Massage for fluid retention around the knee, has had significantly better results since I began including scar release work to the knee reconstruction scar.
A client who had an open-heart surgery scar found less chest tightness and discomfort once the surgical scar was released. A couple of clients with mastectomy scars have benefited from loosening out the fibrous and tension in these scars and seen a reduction in discomfort and pain.

Do you have a scar that affecting your quality of life? Why not book in for a scar release session and see how this simple technique could improve your movement and comfort levels.